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Let them love…

Keep it Real Wednesday July 6, 2022 Let them love …. Exactly 12 years ago, our daughter Amanda and husband Will got married.  They were 19 years old. Will received

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Can I give you a hand?

Keep it Real Wednesday June 15, 2022 Can I give you a hand? A few weeks ago, I was attempting to save a pan of burning butter in the kitchen

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Celebrating Rosemary

Keep it Real Wednesday June 1, 2022 Celebrating Rosemary For many years, Rosemary loved talking about the details of her own funeral. Yet, towards the very end Rosemary performed her

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Keep it Real Wednesday May 25, 2022 Stirabout Over the last few days, I have been reading articles about the Baby formula shortage and stories of women all over the

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    Keep it Real Wednesday May 18, 2022 You give me everything One of the last times I was at church with Rosemary months before she passed away, “Everything”,

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Keep it Real Wednesday May 11, 2022 Frankenskort     Recently, Wade and I went on our first road trip in a very long time.  We had fun talking, laughing, singing, and

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Nick’s Debut

Keep it Real Wednesday  Nick’s Debut May 4th, 2022 In December 2001, we bought our 4 year old son, Nick, a $29.99 Pignose guitar for Christmas, not realizing the impact

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"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"

-C.S. Lewis