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Rosemary & The Blessing Bike

"Balance is not something you find, it's something you create."

Contact Us

Please contact us about Blessing Bike availability and visit the FAQ for questions that may be answered in advance. Supplies are limited, as each bike is custom-made with love and care as they are ordered. If you are interested in a bike, please send an email to us using the form below:

Include your name, location, and how a blessing bike would impact you, your family, or your organization, and we’ll get back to you soon.

"I think one of the most beautiful things about cycling is the simplicity of it. All you need is a bike, and the open road."

-Lance Armstrong

Review our Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the bike?

The Blessing Bike started as a simple single-speed bike with coaster brakes but has evolved into a passenger bike with six (6) speeds, disc brakes, parking brakes, step-through for the person peddling, and a kickstand to make mounting and dismounting easier.

How do I order a bike?

Since each Blessing Bike is made individually with love and care, we ask you to please fill out the form in the “Contact us about a Blessing Bike” section, and we will be in touch with you via email as soon as we can.

How much does a blessing bike cost?

The mission of the Blessing Bike is to provide access to affordable passenger bikes for families with loved ones with age, health, or disability-related barriers. The price may fluctuate depending on available bikes and parts pricing (and any potential donations or grants available). The current price is $1599 plus tax and shipping. Please fill out the “pre-order” page, and we will get back to you with more details.

Where do you ship?

The Blessing Bike is primarily for pick up only in Boise, Idaho, unless you can arrange to pick it up. Crating and shipping the bike is heavy and costly as it weighs about 125 pounds

I'm moved by your story. How do I get involved?

To help raise awareness of our mission, please share our story on your social media sites. In fact, please share our story everywhere!! Our 100 percent all-volunteer organization genuinely appreciates contributions by clicking the donate now button. Also, if you know of a family who could benefit from a bike, you may want to consider sponsoring a bike for them or teaming up with a community group or church to gift one forward.

Is there a weight limit?

The bike is designed for heavy front loads and can accommodate a total passenger weight of no more than 330 pounds (150 kg). The person who peddles is not included in the weight limit.

Is this bike accessible for wheelchairs?

Unfortunately, No. People must be able to ambulate on and off the bike, with or without assistance.

Is there any required maintenance on the bike?

We recommend storing The Blessing Bike indoors in a closed garage or under a roof. If you need to store The Blessing Bike outside, we recommend a waterproof cover. The Blessing Bike, like any bike, requires periodic maintenance by a bike mechanic to provide regular tune-ups and safety checks to ensure the bike is performing optimally and nuts and bolts are tightly secured. In the Treasure Valley area, Steve Parrish at Dirt Dart Mobile Bike Services is a valued partner of the BLessing Bike and can come directly to you for maintenance.

Is it hard to ride?
The Blessing Bike is an easy-to-operate simple passenger bicycle meant to provide a biking experience for the passenger and a personal engagement between the person pedaling and the passenger. It is not meant to go fast and should never be operated at more than a slow jogging pace at all times. (The passenger will always feel like the bike is going much faster than the person who peddles). Make sure the passenger is comfortable and their needs are being considered. Please cycle slowly and respect the weather and road conditions. The Blessing Bike is designed for heavy front loads of 330 pounds (or 150 kg), so it is important to provide a counterweight to balance the bike when passengers mount and dismount the bicycle. Please assist your passengers at all times and ensure they are secured by a seat belt when riding. Turning The Blessing Bike should be done slowly, and the bike should be aligned before the turn. Plan your turns well in advance and simultaneously meet each obstacle with both tires. Please be mindful of balance and avoid any unnecessarily sharp turns. Also, learning how to lean your body with the bike when turning will help with ease of use and comfort for the driver and passenger.
Is there a warranty or return policy?

Since the Blessing Bike is a made-to-order bicycle, one at a time… we do not offer returns. However, we do offer a buy-back option within 30 days of purchase for 70 percent of the cost of the bicycle purchase minus any applicable shipping and repairs we would incur to have the bike returned (at your expense).

You also can donate the bike back to The Blessing Bike, and we will provide a tax-deductible receipt for the original purchase price. The bike will then be re-purposed as a used bike and gifted to a family on the waiting list for low-cost or donated bikes.

Is there a battery assisted option?
We do not offer a battery assist option at this time.

How To Load & Unload Passengers

"No one has ever become poor by giving."

-Anne Frank

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