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Keep it Real Wednesday

November 15, 2023


Friends, this 6-week journey down memory lane brings us now to 2023.

NEXT WEEK we will have a VERY IMPORTANT announcement.

The year 2023 started with celebrating Wade’s (oncologist-approved) one-year transplant anniversary with a BUCKET LIST trip to Greece where we had the time of our lives.  (Thanks to Globus Journeys for introducing us to inexpensive off-season travel).  

Bike building started in February and off we went.  We were able to build another THIRTY Bikes in 2023, all as volunteers in our garage.  We had lots of help this year, my brother Mike flew up to help with a few builds, Linda and Eric (board members) helped with a build in between their travels, and the final build of 2023 was with our kids.

We are so very grateful.

For me, one of the best highlights of 2023 was when Wade and I met our very first grandchild, Lainey Rose.  What a Blessing she is in our lives and has brought us so much JOY.

Our board members, Linda and Eric also had their 2nd grandchild this year.  Sweet little Russell joined his sister Riley who is just a year older than him. Linda and Eric are in Grandparent heaven too.

We all LOVE being grandparents and are so grateful for this next stage in our lives.

Wade and I also had a chance to meet up with our friends from MAKING GOOD as they filmed an episode with a fellow nonprofit RIVER DISCOVERY.  We reflected with Kirby and the team on the many tender moments with Rosemary and the filming of the Blessing Bike episode in 2021.  Keep an eye on the episode to air early next year.

We continue to be inspired by the stories of caregivers, who give of themselves every single day for people they love. We are grateful to have met so many heart-centered people, the best humanity has to offer.

We would also like to mention the WONDERFUL people we have met and interacted with through the BLESSING BIKE who continue to support us every day with your kind thoughts, support, and LOVE.  One of our deliveries had over 2.9 MILLION views which was MIND BLOWING.  There is SO MUCH LOVE pouring into our little nonprofit.

As for our lives without Rosemary, we still miss her presence every day and I often look at her bike in our garage and envision her sitting on the seat.  I treasure those years of riding with her.

On a side note, Rosemary always wanted to go back to Ireland, where both of her parents were from, but unfortunately, she never had an opportunity to visit.

However, thanks to a good friend, there is now a Lil’ bit of Rosemary on the Rock of Saint Patrick in IRELAND. 

Thank you ALL for a wonderful year.

Please make sure to log on next week for an important blessing bike update.

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