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Keep it Real Wednesday

November 1, 2023


Let’s talk about 2021.

On January 11, 2021, I received an email that read “Hi, my name is Sebastian and I am a producer at Cosmic Pictures, a television production company in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are looking for non-profit organizations to feature on season 3 of the TV show, Making Good.  The show is fun, and full of heart and I think the Blessing Bike would be a perfect fit.”

Say what? I read it out loud, this time to Wade. His response was “Sounds Fun”, let’s check them out. 

Then, FIVE weeks later on February 18th, a crew of 8 strangers showed up at our door and left as lifelong friends. Rosemary had an absolute blast filming, and getting to know the crew, especially Kirby.  How many 94-year-olds get a chance to hang out with a production team for 3 days?  She loved every minute of the process as she sat there trying to be an honorary director.

Then, the crew left and we returned to work building bikes and getting them to their new homes. 

When the episode aired in the fall, Rosemary must have watched it a hundred times and had the same response… “That was FUN but when did I get that old gravelly voice?” 

Once the show aired, we had hundreds of requests from all over the country.  We built THIRTY bikes in 2021, with the help of many people.

In May 2021, Wade sneezed and fractured a rib and our lives changed once again.  A follow-up PET Scan revealed 5 new lesions in his body.  His cancer was no longer a solitary plasmacytoma but a full-blown multiple myeloma.

The course of treatment was aggressive with intensive chemo starting in the summer and a stem cell transplant to occur in the fall.  The complicating factor was yet again COVID and the scarce supply of ICU beds that Wade might need.  So, we waited until the Transplant team said it was safe and then launched into the world of a Stem Cell transplant.

This is where we could not have done it by ourselves.

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