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Keep it Real Wednesday

October 25, 20223


How can any of us forget 2020? Along with the many unforgettable family and blessing bike family memories, it was the year COVID knocked on all of our doors.

Despite COVID and the disruptions that came with it, the Blessing Bike was thriving. It proved to be an amazing way that people could be socially distant, yet recreate together.  It was the ultimate pandemic tool, for those with barriers, to be able to recreate in their community safely.

But we had other barriers too.

First, we lost our supplier for the cargo bike which we retrofitted into a passenger bike. We were worried that our Blessing Bikes would be coming to an end.  

Luckily, we found a supplier overseas who would manufacture the bikes for us, exactly to our specifications. So, we decided to make some modifications and upgrade the bike to 6 gears, parking brakes, storage, disc brakes, and a step-through to make the pedaling easier.

During the last 6 months in 2020, we were able to order and assemble 22 bikes, all during a pandemic.

The SECOND Barrier we had was that the ‘watching and waiting’ for Wade had ended. In January, a lesion was found on Wade’s cervical spine and in February he was referred to a neurosurgeon for a biopsy.  We will never forget the day when the surgeon entered Wade’s room with the gentlest expression and said “I’m sorry, it is cancer called a plasmacytoma, a form of multiple myeloma, I will notify your oncologist”.

Our lives changed overnight.

What followed was 28 radiation sessions through the spring, which took a huge toll on Wade’s body.  The visitor’s policy at the hospital was strict at the time which meant I could not join Wade in the hospital or the waiting room.  I sat in my car for each session in the parking lot and prayed.  

But somehow amid COVID, cancer, and full-time caregiving for Rosemary (and Wade working full-time), we were able to help TWENTY-TWO families and facilities get their blessing bike.  Through this, we met the most incredible people and caregivers who motivated us to continue on this journey.

As for Rosemary and I, we rode nearly every single day, in the heat of summer and in the depths of winter through 6 inches of snow.  

At one point in 2020, Rosemary was not eating or drinking for a few days and stayed in bed.  We gathered the family in person and by phone and all said our goodbyes with tears. Then, a few days later she popped out of bed and said “Well, I guess God’s not ready for me yet, let’s go for a ride”.

And so, we went for a bike ride. And another, and another…

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