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Keep it Real Wednesday

October 18, 20223


2019 was a big year for the Blessing Bike.

The Blessing Bike officially qualified for our non-profit 501c3 status with the IRS in the Spring and was able to participate in our very first Idaho Gives Campaign.  

Our lovely neighbor Maria designed a blessing bike logo with roses in the tires for Rosemary and one of our blessing bike community members offered to get it trademarked.

Steve with Dirt Dart Mobile Bike Services spent a lot of time with us teaching us about bikes and becoming our supplier for the cargo bikes that we retrofitted into passenger bikes. 

We also participated in the Idaho Caregiver Alliance family caregiver conference as a vendor and had a chance to meet so many wonderful caregivers which motivated us even more to continue to help others.

During the course of our first year, we assembled TWENTY-FIVE bikes in our garage.  We donated 3 bikes to all the veteran’s homes in Idaho and the remaining went to families and facilities for a cost much less due to the overwhelming response of donations.  Our board made a commitment for 80 percent of all bikes to remain in Idaho, where the bulk of our donor base lived.  

Rosemary cherished all the experiences with her favorite being RIDING HER BLESSING BIKE WITH LANDON DONOVAN. Before the game, they were shoulder to shoulder on the field with the US Team, with hands over their hearts, singing the national anthem together. She also was able to participate in her very first Christmas parade with a fleet of blessing bikes down the streets of downtown Boise. She perfected her queen wave! 

2019 was also the year that Wade was referred to Hematology / Oncology after a funky blood test.  Tests occurred throughout 2019 with a more “wait and see” approach. So, we waited and watched.

Rosemary and I also settled into our routine of daily rides. A friend convinced me to start sharing our experiences and stories and the Keep it Real Wednesdays began.  Little did I know how much these Wednesdays would mean in documenting our journey as mother and daughter.  

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