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Traveler or Tourist?

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Traveler or Tourist?

Keep it Real Wednesday

February 15, 2023

Tourist or Traveler

Wade and I just got back from a trip of a lifetime to GREECE, a place we always wanted to visit but never thought possible or affordable.

Well, it was both.

The trip was approved by Wade’s transplant team who encouraged him to LIVE WELL – and GO ENJOY the RENEWED life he was given through his transplant.

And so, we did.

We embraced the affordability and timing of OFF-SEASON travel thanks to a friend who introduced us to this wonderful concept.

The weather was sometimes cold and rainy which meant that at many of the historical sites in places like Athens, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nauplia, Olympia, Delphi, and Santorini our group was the ONLY visitors there. Most people don’t tour Greece in the winter.

It felt like we had Greece to ourselves at times.

The tours were beyond life-changing to visit places that were built hundreds of years BC. And the people of Greece are beautiful souls with generous hearts. They tend to savor life a bit differently than our American culture. We learned that when a meal was complete and we asked for a check, it may be a while until we received it because they might bring a complimentary drink as we would all toast YAMAS (meaning to your health in Greece). Then, maybe they would bring another complimentary dessert to the table.  A meal could easily be 2 hours.

Time was savored and we quickly learned to savor time as well.

In an interaction with a resident in Greece during a wine tasting, she fondly called us “Travelers”.  We sort of looked at her quizzically and she explained.  She said, “A tourist seeks stamps on their passport, and they run from place to place without truly enjoying the people and culture”.  She went on to say she was happy to know us because we wanted to know HER and the Greek culture. That’s what made us Travelers to her, not tourists.  She said, “Travelers immerse themselves into the place they are visiting and enjoy all the moments and the people without hurrying to the next place”.


I like that.

And do you know what? I think it pertains to ALL of us.

May we ALL be travelers in life. Enjoying all the present experiences without too much concern for things we cannot change yesterday or things we cannot control tomorrow.

Slowing down the journey. Treasuring the moments.

Savoring what is in front of us.

The more I think about it, I think that’s what the Blessing Bike is all about.  It is a tool to help Travelers slow down together and create experiences to savor.

It’s about here and now.

YAMAS my friends. (If you want more details about the company we used for off-season group travel, message me and I am happy to share)

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