Winter Coat Surprises

November is here and the weather has changed in Boise, Idaho.  We are all starting to pull out our wardrobe of winter wear such as sweatshirts, rain jackets, winter coats and cozy cardigan sweaters.

As I reach in the closer for something to throw on as I walk out the door, the first place my hand goes is into the pocket.

For as long as I can remember, I have left a $1 bill in pockets of my winter clothing. It’s sort of a trick I play with myself because finding the $1 bill gives me great joy year after year. It may be a silly little thing but honestly, I LOVE finding the dollar bills in my pocket every year.

This year I found a little something extra which made me smile even more.

I found a hankie.

As many of you may know Rosemary LOVED her handkerchiefs and had DOZENS of them with pretty little designs.  She had them tucked everywhere, in her bra, up her sleeve, in her purse, next to her bed, in her coats.  There were literally EVERYWHERE in our home.  

It is almost a little divine intervention. As if an angel carefully tiptoed around our house at night and tucked a hankie in every pocket with the $1 bill for me to find.

Such a joyful thing.



It makes me feel loved.

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