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Blessing Bike Community

Keep it Real Wednesday

October 26, 2022

Blessing Bike community

Last week I posted a question to you all on social media. I asked you to help us find a way for a blessing bike to get to a senior living center in Preston, Idaho. 

What resulted was the post being shared 53 times with over 4,800 people interacting with the post in some way. As I watched the message being spread, tears ran down my face. So many people wanted to help. So many good people.

Wow.  Just Wow.

In a day or two, I will have the pleasure of meeting Jeff, the kind stranger who is picking up the bike and driving it over to Preston, Idaho so this facility can start riding before the weather changes.  His sole purpose in going to Preston is to help. Nothing more. He doesn’t want gas money.  He doesn’t want fanfare. He just wants to help.

And Jeff isn’t the only one who offered.

We had FIVE people volunteer to drive the bike to Preston, Idaho.  For those of your outside of Idaho, that is a FIVE HOUR drive EACH WAY.  Just because.

In addition, a few months ago I asked our Blessing Bike community for any fabric or batting they may be willing to donate.  Barbara, Christy, and Marsha, who make the pillows and blankets for each blessing bike, have been using all their own materials all this time.  I wanted to help them somehow offset some of the cost a bit.

Last week I received FIVE BOXES of material and batting in the mail from Heather, a blessing bike follower, and now friend, from Littleton, North Carolina.

FIVE BOXES of material and batting.

And one more thing.  Last week I sent an email to 57 blessing bike owners in the treasure valley asking them to participate in the Boise Holiday Parade with us (can you believe there are 57 bikes in our community??).  The response has been so positive, and we are planning on an entire fleet of bikes in the parade.  I can’t wait! 

But what touched me were the people who responded with; “I can’t make it because of health but I would be glad to loan out my bike to anyone else who might want to ride.”

Tears!  Just Tears!

People, honestly, my heart is full more often than not with the show of kindness that I experience every single day from this beautiful community within the blessing bike.

Rosemary may have been the face of The Blessing Bike and we may provide the means and structure but honestly…The Blessing Bike is YOU – a community of the best kinds of people.

Loving, caring, generous and selfless.

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