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Note to Self

Keep it Real Wednesday

Note to Self

October 19, 2022

Thank you all for your kind notes, comments, and suggestions after my Wednesday post last week.  TOGETHER, I think we have many options in moving forward with Wednesday’s writings.

I’m tremendously grateful for our Blessing Bike community.

In reading through some of the comments and personal emails one thing has become very clear to me.

Although we may be in different situations and providing varying levels of care for our family members, we are ALL just doing the very best we can.

Just this past week, I have interacted with FOUR friends who are caregivers in tough situations with their family members.

One friend made the tough decision to place her mom in a memory care facility so she can receive the very best care. The decision was gut wrenching to make after many months of trying to care for her mom on her own. My heart goes out to her.

Another friend is navigating finding community living support for her two sons with disabilities living in their own apartment. The barriers at times have been nearly insurmountable, but yet she perseveres. My heart goes out to her.

Another friend buried her mom after many exhausting years of helping her remain in her home despite her medical complications and barriers. My heart goes out to her.

Another friend is experiencing severe fatigue. She thought it was allergies or a virus until she realized the fatigue started on the exact day she buried her parents.  Grief is literally robbing her of her energy.  My heart goes out to her.

All of these situations, and so many more, inspire me to continue writing.

When I was in the thick of caregiving with Rosemary’s final months during Wade’s transplant, my daughter Amanda gifted me the shirt in the picture.  I will treasure it forever. 

It reads, “Note to self, you are doing great”

To all of you caregivers like my four friends, and many more just like you…

YOU are doing great.

More next week…

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