Story Telling

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Story Telling

Keep it Real Wednesday

October 5 ,2022

What have I learned from Rosemary (Conclusion, Story Telling)

Rosemary loved to tell stories and had a steel trap of a mind in retelling them.  She could remember every detail about events and people and times in history.

I too have many stories to share, many of them you may have read on the blessing bike blog before but the story I want to share with you today is one of the last stories my mom told me.

A few weeks or so before Mom passed away, we were riding the blessing bike on a snowy day and she said to me “You know, I thought I was ready to lose my mom and I really wasn’t.”.

Rosemary went on to say, “Even though my mom was ill and in her late 80’s…. I wasn’t ready. I really miss her. I was surprised at how much I miss her and still do.”

There was some quiet between us as I said to Rosemary…

 “Mom, are you worried about me after you pass?”

Rosemary said to me, “I am not worried, you will be okay, BUT I think you will be surprised on how much you miss me.”

I laughed a bit, brushed off the moment as the tears were cold running down my check and I just peddled.

But you are right Mom.

I do miss you more that I knew I possibly could.

I love you.

Thank you for all the lessons.

Good night, God Bless

(Pictured:  Our last snowy ride in January before Rosemary passed away)

Final note:  Today is bittersweet as I share with you the very last issue of “What have I learned from Rosemary”.   Follow us next week on the next direction of Keep it Real Wednesdays.

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