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Keep it Real Wednesday

September 21 ,2022

What have I learned from Rosemary, (Part 10, Faith)

Our parents raised us in the Catholic church. 

We attended mass on Sundays and all three of us kids attended CCD Religious education and received all of our sacraments. 

Rosemary gave us the gift of knowing God. 

We prayed before every meal, and we were taught to pray before bed.  

After my mom’s three miscarriages, she made a deal with the Virgin Mary that if her pregnancy with me was full term, she would dress me in blue for the first 2 years of my life in honor of the Blessed Mother. 

I was born at full term, and healthy and was dressed in blue for 2 years.  My middle name is Mary, after the Blessed Virgin Mary.

My Mom’s faith was unwavering.

As Rosemary aged, we put a baby monitor in her bedroom so Wade and I could easily hear her if she needed us.  

I tried to respect her privacy but at times, I could hear her prayers through the monitor.

To all of my family and her close friends spread out across the country, she prayed for each and every one of youby name – each – and every night.  

Each and every night

Her faith was unwavering.

Her love is eternal.

(Pictured:  Rosemary seated in church in 2020.  She was first in line to get back to church after churches started to reopen again after the pandemic.)

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Dave Bishop
Dave Bishop
1 year ago

What a beautiful story, as you may have guessed I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We Have eight married children. We have a blended family, (two hers, two mien, four ours) We have been married fo 50 years. I discovered your Blog a few weeks ago, and really have enjoyed reading it. We also have 30 grandchildren and 6 great-grand children. We are senior missionaries, and we see miracles every day. I can’t wait for my bike to come !!

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