Room to Grow and Trust

Keep it Real Wednesday

September 14, 2022

What have I learned (Part 9, Room to Grow and Trust)

When I think of the things my parents allowed us to do, it is almost cringeworthy now. I say Rosemary allowed us to do because we all know she could get my father to agree to just about anything she wanted.  He adored her so very much and most of the parenting decision wound up in her court, unless of course it required a bit more discipline…then that was a different story.

My siblings, Judy, and Mike, and I were given space and boundaries at the same time although the boundaries were more guard rails….

She trusted us and the 3 of us kids us rarely defied that trust.

Speaking of trust…

As I reflect over the last 3 years and 3,000 miles of riding with Rosemary on the bike, I marvel at the TRUST she had in me in peddling that bike. 

We rode in all kinds of weather, snowstorms, thunderstorms that got a little too close for comfort, heat waves in which we sought out every sprinkler we could find all the while just enjoying being outdoors and together.  

She sat on that seat with a full conviction and trust of my peddling and driving capabilities. 

She used to tell everyone that I had thighs of steel. 

She relaxed on the bike and just enjoyed the experience and trusted me. 

That is remarkable.

(Pictured:  Rosemary and I on the bike in a freak snowstorm that hit unexpectedly in the middle of a bike ride.  It was one of my most treasured memories of just making the BEST of the moment.  She trusted me to peddle her back home in blinding snow, laughing all the way.  Remarkable!)

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