Keep it Real Wednesday

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Keep it Real Wednesday

August 3, 2022

What have I learned (Part 4, Wit)

Lessons from Rosemary


My mother was quick witted up to the day she passed away.  When the hospice nurse arrived to introduce herself just a few days before Rosemary passed away, my mother held out her hand and said, gently and sweetly as she extended her hand to shake hands…

“Hello, I am Rosemary and I READY to die”. 

The nurse looked at me with huge eyes and said, “Alrighty then, I guess that’s the consent I need”.

To clarify that statement, she didn’t WANT to die.  She knew her body was dying.

I think there is a difference. 

My Mom had such a sweetness about her that she could just about say anything to anyone and get away with it because we all knew she meant no harm in her statement and she just loved sharing her wit. 

I would suspect that many of you who follow the Blessing Bike have stories of your own.  Share if you wish but try to keep it PG13. 

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