What have I learned from Rosemary? Part 3, Humility

Keep it Real Wednesday

July 27, 2022

What have I learned (Part 3 Humility)

Lessons from Rosemary


My mother grew up in the great depression and she said it was the HAPPIEST time in her life.

Her family had little but shared much. They gave to others from their own need and never looked past another human being. 

As kids we were told stories of my grandmother leaving 2 bowls of hot oatmeal on the porch every morning for any hungry person passing by.  They never looked past a person in need.

That spirit of giving continued throughout Rosemary’s entire life.

Rosemary didn’t require much out of life. She was happy with the simpler things in life as evidenced by her taste in food. Her favorites were fried bologna, ham spread, peppermint patties, anything Hostess brand, white bread, and whole milk.

And of course, Baileys Irish crème.

Rosemary lived simply and with humbleness and gratitude.

Material possessions were not important to Rosemary, and she was never one to try to keep up with trends or found it important to own the latest and greatest.  In going through Rosemary’s things after she passed away, it was the decades of cards and notes that she kept that touched my heart.

Her treasures were her relationships.

What a great lesson for all of us.

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