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What have I learned? (Part 1, overview)

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What have I learned? (Part 1, overview)

Keep it Real Wednesday

July 13, 2022

What have I learned (Part 1, overview)

On June 26th, we held a Celebration of Life for Rosemary. The service was everything we had hoped it would be to celebrate her beautiful life. At one point, we all applauded Rosemary, right there, in the church for a life well lived, some even giving her a standing ovation.

There is no doubt Rosemary was with us that day.

During the service I shared stories of lessons I learned from my mother.  I wanted to paint a picture of her to everyone who attended, from my point of view.

I know Rosemary meant a lot to you all too, so I have decided to share my thoughts with you over the next few months of what I have learned from Rosemary.

Today is the introduction to this series.

Lessons from Rosemary.

I have been reflecting for quite some time about what to say about Rosemary, my mom. To try to sum up who she was to me in a few minutes to you. To really get across her true essence.

A few years ago, when Amanda and I were riding on the Blessing Bike with my mom, Amanda was doing a Facebook live video and asked my mom to “Tell everyone about you Rosemary!”.  

Rosemary said “I am 5 foot 2, eyes of blue… and…  well… I didn’t really do much with my life. I got married, had 3 children and I LOVED them”.

Not do much with her life? I beg to differ. She leaves behind a legacy of a beautiful family. I believe Rosemary has touched your lives in some way as well. In fact, I would go on further to say that some of her purpose in life was not even revealed until she turned 92 and started riding that bike.  

I think God knew that all along.

In 1948, God sent a man named Hercules to rescue Rosemary.  She was trapped in a car, hanging by one tire, upside down, 40 feet in the air – above train tracks.

Hercules just happened to sleep through his bus stop and was there to spring into action.  He recruited bystanders to hold him by his feet so he could pull my mother from the car with outstretched hands to save her.  She said she would never forget his most beautiful black angelic face.

I think God sent Hercules because he knew my mother still had many lives to touch.

So, what HAVE I learned from my mother?

More lessons to follow next week. 

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