Let them love…

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Let them love…

Keep it Real Wednesday

July 6, 2022

Let them love ….

Exactly 12 years ago, our daughter Amanda and husband Will got married. 

They were 19 years old.

Will received military orders from the Army to live in Germany for a few years and their young love hearts were broken at the prospect of being apart.

The stars aligned and they decided at the spur of the moment to get married in EIGHT DAYS during his leave back to Boise in the summer of 2010.  EIGHT DAYS to plan a wedding!

My mind wrestled with so many emotions during these 8 days, their age, moving across the world, were they ready for this next big step?  But one thing Rosemary said to me that I will always remember is this:

 “Be careful about interfering with true love”.

She was right.

Rosemary always had a simplicity about her and a matter-of-fact approach to life.

What matters most is LOVE.

The rest seems to work itself out.

Happy Anniversary Amanda and Will.  Here’s to many more years.

I am sure Rosemary is cheering you on from above!

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