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Keep it Real Wednesday

May 11, 2022


Recently, Wade and I went on our first road trip in a very long time.  We had fun talking, laughing, singing, and just experiencing the open road freedom.  At one point there was a pause in the conversation, which happens after 37 years together, so I reached into the glovebox and pulled out the “chat pack”.

What is a “chat pack”?

It was a gift given to us by our daughter and son in law to stimulate conversation and get to know people better.  Since we were going to be in the car for 16 hours, I thought I would toss it in the glovebox for fun.

I’m glad I did.

One of the cards I pulled was “Name something that you should have gotten rid of a long time ago but likely never will”. 

Wade gave his answer (which I believe was a middle school bowling shirt in the attic) and then I gave mine which was my “Frankenskort”.

We both looked at each other, held hands and smiled.  I told him I would be wearing my Frankenskort into my 80’s…flabby legs and all.

What is a “Frankenskort”?

It is our nickname for a very worn khaki skort that I have had a long time, long enough that it has been in and out of fashion a few times.  I love that skort not because how it fits, or what it looks like, but I love it because it represents how much Wade loves me.

Each time that threadbare skort gets another hole or tear, Wade brings out his tabletop sewing machine and puts another patch on it for me or does a quick zig zag across the material to keep it intact.  He has been doing that for many years now, most recently this weekend when, yet another big rip occurred.

I am sure people who see me in my Frankenskort may not understand my clothing choice, but that’s okay.  It gives me JOY and reminds me how much I am loved.

Back to the chat pack.  I never really told Wade how much that skort meant to me until that question was posed to both of us on that card.  He grinned with my response as I told him I would wear it as long as I am living and as long as he mends it for me.

As I reflect back over our 37 years together, our expression of love for each other has evolved into a finely woven story …just like the Frankenskort.

I love you Wade.

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