Sisterly Advise

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Sisterly Advise

Keep it Real Wednesday

April 27, 2022

Sisterly Advise

Last week I had a marathon conversation with my sister Judy. We talked about many things during this not so brief conversation. I shared stories of this beautiful legacy we have honoring and continuing in Mom’s memory.

At one point, she said “If you don’t mind me asking, how much do the bikes cost?”, so I told her the cost. She then asked, “Remind me, what do you sell them for”, so I told her, and she was quiet, very quiet.

I could hear her wheels spinning.

She then said, “Do people know this”?  My answer was “I dunno, probably not”.  In her big sister, hands on her hips type voice she answered “Well, they should”.

So, here goes…

Gulp. For you people with a business savvy background, sit down. 

The bikes cost us about $2600 considering all costs to include the manufacturing costs, international freight, fees, shipping, customs, duties, and all the extras and incidentals we include on the bikes.

As a board we have made a commitment to keep the price AFFORDABLE at $1599 for each bike.

That leaves us in the hole over $1000 per bike.

So, how do we do it?  We don’t. YOU DO.  

In the wise words of the Rolling Stones “We get what we need”.  Honestly, it is mind blowing to watch and humbling to experience but it’s true.  When we are in true humble service to others, everything is provided for, one way or another. It’s faith.  It’s love.  It’s trust.


Idaho Gives is next week (May 2-5).  We ask you to remember us in your giving and know that each dollar donated will go straight to building bikes and helping people.

I have said it before. It’s true that no one receives a paycheck. Our reward and payment are the smiles generated and the trust you all place in us to help others.

That, my friends, is a humbling place to be.

So, I guess Judy was right. You all need to know, really know, that you really are making a difference in lives as we roll out every single bike. 

We couldn’t do it without you, and we are grateful.

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