There’s something under the bed

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There’s something under the bed

Keep it Real Wednesday

There’s something under the bed

April 20, 2022

So much of the last few years has been dedicated to helping you get to know my Mom, Rosemary.  

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite stories about Rosemary’s husband, my father, Raymond Anthony Sorce.

My Dad was a kind and generous man whose acts of love could be seen more in the things he did, not the words he spoke. HE was a man of few words but his love for all of us was solid and deep.

Case in point.

When I was about 8 years old, one of my favorite things was greeting my dad coming home from work.

My little brother and I thought we were so clever.  We would grab our father’s hand as he walked through the door and tell him there was something under the bed and we needed his help. Once he was safely in the room and near the bed prepared to bend over, we would PUSH him over on the bed with all of our might and wrestle until all the change fell out of his pockets.  Then we would carefully scoop up that precious change and scurry away to hide it in our rooms laughing the entire time.

During those years, my brother and I thought my dad was a little naive in falling for that trick every single day for what seemed like months.

Little did we know until we were adults that my father would stop at the gas station every day before he came home from work and exchange a dollar bill or two into change, solely for the reason of having his trouser pockets full of change for us to find.

Love comes in all shapes and forms and speaks many languages. Sometimes it’s  important to look far beyond words to find the true essence of love. I don’t remember if my Dad ever TOLD me he loved me but actions like his spoke louder than any words he could utter.

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