Bears and Dogs

Keep it Real Wednesday

April 6, 2022

Bears and Dogs

Shortly after Rosemary passed away, one of our neighbors asked if she could borrow a solid-colored shirt of Rosemary’s.  She mentioned wanting to do something for me and would bring it back later in another form.  I was touched and curious at the same time and gave her one Rosemary’s favorite blue sweatshirts.

A week later, the same neighbor arrived on my doorstep with the most beautiful memorial pillow as a forever keepsake.  I ugly cried on her shoulder at the beautiful gesture and a gift I will treasure always.  I was so very grateful and LOVE this pillow.  I hold it when I miss Rosemary and cuddle it often.

Then, it got me thinking…

I suspect others in my family, my siblings, my children, Rosemary’s grandchildren, and great grandchildren might enjoy something similar.  Hummmmm…..

As life often does, circumstances connected me with a person who makes keepsake bears and dogs out of clothing for people who have passed away.  I connected with this person, brought her a box of some of Rosemary’s favorite clothing and she transformed them into these keepsakes.

They are all embroidered with “I love you a bushel and a peck” as that is the song Rosemary sang to her grandchildren when they were all young. 

I couldn’t be happier with the result, and I can’t wait for everyone to receive theirs in the mail this week. I hope they love theirs as much as I love my pillow.

Grief and loss are a curious thing, but this feels like one more step on the delicate journey of closure, while yet also keeping her alive in our hearts. 

I am so grateful to my neighbor Wendy for the pillow I will always cherish and for planting the seed so that all Rosemary’s family can have a similar treasure.

Aren’t they beautiful?

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