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April Fool’s

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April Fool’s

Keep it Real Wednesday

March 29, 2022


We all have some sort of vice or addition.  Mine is coffee.  It is how I have started my day for as long as I can remember. Not just one dainty cup but a jug large enough to compete with a 7 Eleven Big Gulp.  After a few minutes of sipping my coffee, I am ready to start my day.

Not much interferes with this process.  My family has learned to just allow me space until the first cup is poured.  Except that is for one particular day in April 2007 when my family decided that my coffee addiction was worth an April Fool’s joke.

Rosemary was quite the prankster and shenanigan maker and coupled with our 2 children, the mischief was compounded exponentially when they were together. 

On this particular day I walked downstairs to see Rosemary on the couch with a larger-than-life grin on her face as she belted out “Gooooooood Morning, Jill”.  I grumbled my pre coffee “good morning, Mom” and stumbled over to the coffee pot where the aroma made me smile….  COFFEE!!  I opened the cabinet to grab a mug and the cabinet was empty.  Confused, I looked in the dishwasher in case I needed to quickly wash one and that was empty too.  A little panic started to set in as I started to frantically look for a coffee mug or cup. To my dismay, one could not be found.

I heard Rosemary snicker in the next room under her breath and could see our kids rounding the corner with grins on their faces.

I started to figure out something was amiss.  Calmly I ask where all the mugs were, but it was evident from their grins and shrugs that they were clearly not in the kitchen to provide help at this point.

I frantically started opening ALL the cupboards and there was not a single container to be found in the entire kitchen.  Not a drinking glass, coffee mug, bowl or any receptacle that would work to hold hot liquid. The smell of strong hot coffee permeated the air yet was unattainable to drink.  My frustration was growing.

Thinking I was being sneaky, I wandered into the formal dining room to grab a teacup from our China set, but low and behold, they were all missing too.

They thought of EVERYTHING!

At this point, Rosemary, Wade and both kids were laughing so hard they could not contain themselves but my desperation for coffee superseded any pleasure I could feel in seeing my family so joyous. 

So, I kept looking….

They were SO good at hiding every single vessel that could be used to hold hot coffee, that I finally gave up after about 15 minutes of searching.

I am not sure which person actually started feeling bad for me, our 17-year-old, 10-year-old, or my husband but one of them handed me a coffee mug.  I can guarantee you it was NOT Rosemary who caved in.

Happy April Fool’s Day to you all.   Have fun in your mischief.

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