Seeing the world through ROSEmary colored glasses…

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Seeing the world through ROSEmary colored glasses…

Keep it Real Wednesday

March 23, 2022

Seeing the world through ROSEmary Colored Glasses

When someone passes away, words can’t describe how difficult it is to go through their belongings. I was able to donate Rosemary’s bedroom furniture to Agency for New Americans, a nonprofit I know Rosemary would have supported as a first generation American and child of Irish immigrants.  Most of her clothing was donated to a local nursing home and I have organized plastic bins for all the family members to sort through when they come to visit.

However, there have been a few items that I’ve struggled with deciding their fate.

One of these special items is Rosemary’s funky pair of Gucci eyeglasses.

A few years back when Rosemary’s vision took a HUGE turn for the worst, we decided that if she couldn’t see very well, she should at least look fashionable doing so.  A quick trip to Costco with the optician Sara resulted in a cute pair of Gucci glasses in a beautiful blue/teal color. Rosemary didn’t wear these glasses all the time as they were her “special” glasses.  She had a pair of yellow lens glasses which she used most of the time and only wore her sassy Gucci ones when she was doing something special like going to church, getting her pictures taken, being on local TV, doing a zoom meeting with Steve Harvey, Yahoo News or Inside Edition, riding her bike with Landon Donovan on a soccer field or filming Making Good.  

You know, those everyday things a 92 to 94 year old does (still cracks me up she did all those things).

I digress. 

As I held those Gucci glasses in my hand and reminisced about all the JOY she experienced wearing those glasses and all the JOY she brought other people while wearing them, I grinned and knew exactly what I needed to do.

I brought the gently used Gucci’s to an eyeglass shop where I requested them to be repurposed with my prescription progressive lens in the hopes that I can continue to SEE the world in the way Rosemary did.  Always positive, always joy filled, always optimistic and always up for an adventure.

I guess you can say I am seeing the world through ROSEmary’s colored glasses.

It just feels right.

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