Yes, Yes, Yes and YES

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Yes, Yes, Yes and YES

Keep it Real Wednesday

March 16, 2022

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes

It has been 100 days since Wade’s transplant and what a journey it has been. So much has happened

and we have much to be grateful for.

Last week Wade had his 100 day check up with the Transplant Physician. As Dr. Williams sat across from

Wade, leaning into him with his elbows on his knees and huge grin behind his mask, he asked:

“Wade, what questions do you have? Ask me anything.”

Wade wiggled a bit in his seat as if he didn’t want to ask too much but then threw caution to the wind as

he said (in this order)

“Sushi, Hot Tub, Get a Dog and Work”.

I sort of bit my bottom lip at his big request of things as I didn’t think he would receive the answers he

wanted, but then Dr. Williams answered “Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes”.

We both looked at each other like 2 kids in a candy store.

No more microbial diet? He can pet dogs? He can soak in water again? And he can go from work at

home to back into the VA Hospital at the end of the month?


Then, Dr. Williams shared the results of Wade’s recent PETSCAN, Bone Biopsy and Labs.

In a nutshell, Wade responded VERY WELL to all the chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant and is

considered having a Stringent Complete Response. For the rest of us, that means REMISSION.

REMISSION! That is about the best news ever with Multiple Myeloma. Next steps for him are re-

vaccinating him for all his childhood shots over the next year or so, revaccinating him for COVID, and

starting on a maintenance chemo clinical trial for multiple myeloma in a few weeks. Masking will be

part of our future for a long time as Wade continues to build his immunities but that is such a small price

to pay.

To everyone who sent positive thoughts, prayers, and support during this process, we truly believe you

are a part of this miracle. There is a part of me that knows if there were strings to pull in heaven,

Rosemary was whispering in God’s ear and doing just that. She loved Wade so very much.

We are grateful and blessed – and humbled at this tremendously good news.

Pictured below: Wade enjoying our hot tub, eating sushi as we talk about having a dog in our household


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