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Nurse Nora

Keep it Real Wednesday

March 9, 2022

Nurse Nora

We will soon have 20 beautiful tie-died blessing bike tee-shirts!

How did this happen?

Well, here’s the story.

In December, Wade was in the hospital for complications from his stem cell transplant. One of the nurses who cared for him on the transplant floor was Nurse Nora. This cheery nurse was a traveling nurse from the Chicago area and was a self-proclaimed “tie dye addict”. Nora wore the brightest tie-dyed scrubs and equally colorful tie dye headbands. She said, “Life is too short not to tie dye everything by adding a little pizazz”.  It’s true, the tie dye uniforms she wore were joyous and happy and of course, full of color.  Just like Nurse Nora. 

One day, Nora saw Wade’s white blessing bike tee-shirt and asked about the organization.  We explained the mission of the Blessing Bike and shared the link to the episode from Making Good which tells our story the best. On her break, Nurse Nora watched the video and came back to Wade’s room with tears in her eyes and said she loved what we were doing and wanted to help.  She joked and said she could tie dye some shirts for us. We smiled and the next thing we knew, we were shipping 20 shirts off to Nora in Chicago!

The shirts are very special to us because they represent the connection we all have.  Cancer, a hospitalization, a traveling nurse from Chicago – all these things and situations dyed perfectly together.  Our lives, situations and stories touch each other like a perfectly tie-dyed shirt to create the most beautiful outcome. As difficult as life can be, it is the connections we make, the outlook we choose to embrace, and the beautiful masterpiece created when we allow ourselves to experience the journey.

On a side note, I thought it curious when going through Rosemary’s clothing, I did not find one dark colored solid shirt. Her closet was full of COLOR and JOY.

I know she would have worn Nurse Nora’s tee-shirts proudly!

Nurse Nora has sent us these pictures as a preview as she boxes up the shirts to be mailed. We LOVE the shirts and can’t wait to receive them.

 Thank you, Nurse Nora.

(Pictured:  Nurse Nora and some of her wonderful creations)

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