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Thank you

Keep it Real Wednesday

February 23, 2022

Thank you

On behalf of our Blessing Bike family, I want to pause for a moment and say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for all the kind notes, emails, comments, and cards after Rosemary passed away.  THANK YOU for the unexpected meals on our front porch, flowers, and tender gifts from people who we could thank, and from those who wished to remain anonymous.

THANK YOU for the stories of people who have lost your mothers and how you weren’t quite ready for the tsunami of emotions afterwards either.

THANK YOU for the donations you made by mail and on our website in Rosemary’s name to the Blessing Bike. This will help us continue to help others in her legacy.

Many of you have asked about a service for her and how you can help.   

Here’s how…

A few months ago, Rosemary pulled me aside (and several others individually) and said she did not want a service because she had already lived a celebration of life the last few years.  That’s a tough pill to swallow when funerals are instilled in us as a means for honor and closure, and frankly I am having a bit of trouble honoring her choice… but it’s her wish.  She said she has had the gift of LIVING her celebration of life, a gift many do not have.  She has FELT the love of her family, friends, neighbors and blessing bike community. She asked about all of you receiving bikes and celebrated and prayed for each bike leaving the garage.  She celebrated each moment, smiled as often as she could and lived each day to the fullest.  

So, even though we may not be having an official celebration of Rosemary’s life, maybe we just have a celebration of life itself where Blessing Bikes ride in solidarity in their own neighborhoods and communities to honor those with barriers.  Maybe that is the best way to celebrate her.  Keep riding.  Keep building bikes.  Keep living life with joy.

Oh…and be kind to one another.  She was pretty upset last year with all the bickering in our country.  She said this type of behavior would not have won WW2 😊

(pictured:  handwritten note by Rosemary for the Blessing Bike family, weeks before she passed away)

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