Cards and Notes

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Cards and Notes

Keep it Real Wednesday

February 16, 2022

Cards and Notes

The last 4 weeks, I have been slowly going through and organizing Rosemary’s things. She lived modestly and cherished the small treasures she had stowed away in her room. 

I have had the opportunity to touch and feel every memory that was precious to her. Afterall, if she kept something this long, there must be a story to it, and I wanted to feel each story.  Some of the stories I had heard a million times, some stories were new to me.

Rosemary liked to keep cards, literally all cards. I went through boxes and boxes of birthday cards and other notes people had given her throughout the years. 

Words were her love language which is kind of ironic because she would be the first to tell you she had a mind of her own, stumbled over her words and filters at times, and put her foot in her mouth often. Nonetheless, she loved to give cards and loved to receive them. I am eager to share with family too so they can experience how much they have loved her through the years too.  It feels good to know, really know, that someone we loved KNEW we loved them.

All the words were treasured.

Words on post it notes, words on fancy cards, words on scraps of paper, words in a newspaper clipping. 

Words cost nothing but in Rosemary’s case, they filled her heart for a lifetime.

(Pictured, Rosemary’s FIRST birthday card from her Aunt and Uncle in 1927)

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