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Keep it Real Wednesday

February 2, 2022


In the past week, I have been slowly sorting through some of Rosemary’s things.  So many thoughts have been circling around in my head including whether or not I should continue my Wednesday story telling.

But then, each drawer I open, each file I read, stories flooded my head.

So, if you are okay with more Rosemary stories, I suspect I might still have a few up my sleeve for some Wednesdays.

A little-known fact about Rosemary is that she LOVED funky socks.  I found FORTY-TWO pairs of socks in her drawer.  That is a lot of socks for one little old lady.

Why were socks so special for her?

I think it was a few things.

First and foremost, I believe socks were one way she CHOSE to bring joy to every single day.  As she aged and so much of her life was routine, adding a funky sock to her outfit would always make her happy and others giggle.  On Sundays at church as she sat in a quiet place before service, she would always gently reach down to pull up her pant leg to whoever was next to her to reveal her sock choice of the day.  It always brought a smile.

I also think Rosemary was providing us a way to give to her in a fun way. In the picture you will see a variety of socks that she proudly wore…seasonal socks, sport socks, touristy socks, and even a pair of 420 socks that she was given and wore proudly because they were a gift. We get a giggle out of that pair!

In other words, SOCKS gave her joy and giving her socks allowed us to be a part of that joy with her.

Joy is a simple thing to share, and it comes in all different sizes and shapes. 

Speaking of JOY, today is Rosemary’s best friends 95th birthday.  A big shout out to our favorite Catholic Ursuline Nun, Sister Anne Cecile, known to Rosemary growing up at JOY Muldoon.  She is celebrating her 95th birthday today in Cleveland Ohio.

Seems fit that Rosemary has a best friend named Joy, doesn’t it?

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