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Keep it Real Wednesday

January 26, 2022


My family will tell you I am rarely at a loss for things to say but I find myself currently struggling with words to describe how I feel with the loss of my mother.

First of all, I want to thank Horizon Home Health and Hospice in Meridian, Idaho.  Our first call to them was on Monday, January 17th when we realized Rosemary was losing ground quickly.  We made a promise to Rosemary to pass at home and to pass gently.  With their help, we were able to do both.

When the nurse arrived on Monday, Rosemary introduced herself and said “I am Rosemary.  I am 95 and I want to die”.  In other words, she knew it was time.  I think the nurse was a little taken back by her forthright comments, but heck, we all know that is Rosemary.

What followed was 3 quick days of a gentle transitions, hand holding, music playing, conversations both said and unsaid until she took her last breath while holding my hand listening to her favorite Irish Christian Band, Rend Collective singing, “Coming Home”.  If you haven’t heard the song, I would encourage you to find it so you can experience the glorious and joyous entrance into heaven she must have experienced.

I’m not going to lie.  It hurts and her memories are everywhere but that’s what happens when we love.

I can hear Rosemary’s voice in my head “Chin up Jill Mary, it will be okay”.

Yes, Mom, It WILL be okay. 

But today, I just miss you.

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