What Red Ropes?

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What Red Ropes?

Keep it Real Wednesday

January 19, 2022

What Red Ropes?

During the 1970’s, our family lived in Lutherville, Maryland, not very far away from Washington D.C.  When friends or family came to visit, we always found ourselves as tour guides in Washington as we wandered around the museums, parks, monuments, the White House and the Capital.

During one particular visit to the Capital, the legislatures were in session and some of the parts of the capital were roped off by red theater ropes meant to deter people from entering. That would detour most people, but not Rosemary.

She quietly lifted the ropes, put her finger to her lips mouthing “Shhh” and we all walked under the ropes in a place that we were surely not welcome to go. 

As we rounded a corner a large man appeared and said to my Mom “What are you doing here, you can’t be here”.   I am certain she was preparing a Rosemary Smart A*# thing to say but then her mouth hung open as she realized she was face to face with Senator Edward Kennedy.  She giggled and said something silly and then asked for a quick picture.  He was very sweet about it all and agreed before he had to hurry back into session.  There they stood as two long lost Irish friends – Edward Kennedy and Rosemary O’Malley Sorce with their arms around each other grinning.  I’ll never forget that moment.

Quicker than Senator Kennedy arrived, he was scurrying down the hall back into session and Rosemary floated away on cloud 9.  

Later that day, my father was forced to share the terrible news.  He didn’t have film in the camera when the picture was taken.  To this day we all still giggle about it, but I think secretly Rosemary was disappointed to have missed a chance at a picture together.

So, thanks to the millennials in the family with better photoshop skills than I do, we have recreated that special moments for Rosemary.

Here’s to Ed and Rosemary

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