Amanda Update 11/17/2021

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Amanda Update 11/17/2021

Amanda Update

November 17, 2021

THANK YOU all for the kind thoughts for my Dad and Grandma Rosemary.

I don’t have a lot to report this week but wanted to provide a brief update.

Did you know my Dad also moonlights as SUPERMAN?  My brother and I have thought so for years but then to see it in real life, that’s another story! Last Tuesday, Dad arrived home after a very rough day of chemotherapy and a life-sized cardboard Wade Superman stood on the front porch to greet him, from their one-of-a-kind special neighbors.

It brought him such great JOY and was just what he needed at just the right time to uplift his spirits.

(By the way, this cardboard Wade Superman is now PROUDLY displayed in the front window of their home, likely forever if I know my Dad)

As for Rosemary, she is still riding the blessing bike with my Mom a few days a week and doing well. For a 95-year-old who weighs 90 pounds you would think she would be cold all the time, but Mom struggles with getting Grandma to wear a coat as the weather changes.  She has NEVER liked to wear a coat.  Since Boise will be into the 20’s this week at night, I suspect my Mom will win this battle.

Speaking of Mom, she is busy trying to get the house pristine hospital type clean for Dad’s transplant.  She considered getting a cleaning service but worried about cleaning before the cleaning service, so why bother; she will just clean harder once. I don’t always follow her logic, but I am sure some of you might.

Until next week,


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