Amanda Update November 10, 2021

A HUGE shout out to all of you who have donated blood recently in honor of Wade, some of which are pictured here! You are all amazing humans. Thank you for your selfless act of love in donating blood and blood products.

So far, 20 people have stepped up to donate blood. Can you believe that it has the potential to help up to 60 lives? That’s no small feat. Thank you. 

Just a reminder there are now THREE blood drives (one in Salt Lake City, UT held by Cosmic Pictures on 11/17, one at the Nampa Eagles Lodge on 11/20 and one at the Boise VA Medical Center on 12/7) being held in honor of Wades cancer journey. You can sign up for one of these drives or any other time at your convenience at your local American Red Cross to give blood at the link below.

Strong work everyone. Keep it up!

There’s nothing new to update with Wade. He is still receiving weekly chemotherapy treatments and patiently waiting for his transplant date. We are all crossing our fingers for a date soon. 

Jill and Rosemary continue to ride as much as they can and enjoy the fall weather. 

Much love from our family to yours. I’ll keep you updated again next week.

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