Hello from AMANDA

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Hello from AMANDA


First and foremost, this is Amanda. Jill and Wade’s daughter. My mom made a post last week explaining the blessing bike page would be put on hold due to my Dad’s upcoming transplant. 

As the family’s token millennial, I’ve had administrative rights to the Blessing Bike page and promised my parents I would give brief updates of my Dad’s health! In the meantime, I NEED YOUR HELP!

My Dad will likely need blood transfusions. Unfortunately, a direct donation is not an option, but we can donate indirectly through the Red Cross in Wade’s name. 

Did you know there is currently a NATIONAL SHORTAGE of blood, plasma, and platelets? It is terrifying to think of our hospitals being overwhelmed right now and possibly being unable to help people like my Dad.

Would you consider donating blood or blood products to your local Red Cross or blood donation center?   

With that being said, if you are able to help in this way, TAKE A PICTURE of yourself donating blood and send it to us in messenger. 

We would like to keep an ongoing update of blood donations this wonderful community can give!

On a final note, I will keep you all informed periodically on my Dad, my Grandma, and my Mom every once in a while, because I know you care. I will also provide updates on blood donations!

Thank you everyone!

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