Time for a Sabbatical

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Time for a Sabbatical

Keep it Real Wednesday

October 20, 2021

Time for a Sabbatical

Friends and Supporters of the Blessing Bike,

What a ride the last 3 years have been.  We have been honored to build 85 bikes and help lots of people, all as volunteers.

It’s time for a little break.

Wade, Blessing Bike co-founder, Rosemary’s son in-law and the love of my life, is battling Multiple Myeloma. He has been receiving chemotherapy for the last 4 months with a stem cell transplant process to start in a few days. 

During this time, 100% of our energy will be directed to supporting Wade through his journey. We will be putting the Blessing Bikes on hold for a while, as well as social media pages and email responses via the website.

Our plan is to be back in Winter 2022 ready to build some more bikes!!!  At that time, we hope to be looking at cancer in full remission.

Bias aside, we believe we have THE BEST followers and supporters, and we know you are going to ask us how you can help.  So, here’s how… 


Blood banks nationwide are experiencing a critical blood shortage.  Blood is desperately needed for a variety of situations, including the cancer treatment Wade will be receiving. 

So, please consider donating blood in your area.

See you on the other side of cancer😊

Much love from our home to yours.

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Williams family
Williams family
1 year ago

Oh my goodness dear family! (I just filled out a request for information before I saw this so obviously, please ignore.)
We will be praying for each of your personal “blessing bikes” to be filled with sunshine on dark days, balloons to lift you up when needed, warm blankets and hot cocoa when it’s cold, God’s love and grace pouring down, and the strength, power, and healing of the Savior’s Atonement to lift you when your bikes are too heavy to pedal, and the love, inspiration and hope you have given to thousands of people to come back to you a million fold. May God continue to bless each of you!!
All our love and best wishes from California ❤️

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