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Keep it Real Wednesday

October 13, 2021


As you may remember, Rosemary is legally blind, and her social life (especially now with COVID) relies heavily on recreational outings on the blessing bike AND her audio books through the library.  On average, she listens to 5 to 7 books a week on her iPad and enjoys a full range of topics and genres.

Last week, the 11-year-old iPad suddenly became incompatible with the overdrive Libby app the Boise Library uses to download borrowed books.  The information tech folks at the library tried to remedy the situation but couldn’t. We needed to buy another device and then “train” Rosemary how to use it.  At 95 years old and sight impaired, it is no small feat.

So, Wade and I ran to Costco to get a new iPad, an impromptu purchase funded by my brother who talked me out of getting a less expensive device as Rosemary has been accustomed to Apple products for the last 11 years. 

When we got home to set it up, we quickly discovered the new iPad Air does not have a home button. This was going to be a challenge for Rosemary. She had become so accustomed to a home button in navigating her previous iPad. 

Then, our son stopped by last night as I was expressing my frustration with Rosemary’s frustration with her new iPad and he calmly said, “What about those orange sticky bumps we used to use on the microwave and stove for her?”

BAM!  Nick was absolutely right!!

I frantically looked through Rosemary’s desk until I found a strip of “Bumpon”. I carefully removed the bright orange Bump and placed it just left of the Libby icon and another one just left of the books play and stop function.

Just like that, Rosemary has her entertainment AND her autonomy.

As caregivers we don’t have to have all the answers ourselves. When we share our bumps and struggles, oftentimes the solutions are right in front of us, but we can’t see them. My brother talked me out of buying a different branded tablet and reminded me it was justified to buy another Apple device AND our son Nick literally reminded me of a BUMPS on a piece of paper that I had forgotten about.

Rosemary is delighted to have her autonomy back.  

And I learned yet another lesson.  

Caregiving is not a journey we should ever go alone.  Sometimes others have better solutions that we do.   

Keep sharing, keep asking, keep seeking.

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