Looking Up

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Looking Up

Keep it Real Wednesday

September 8, 2021

Looking Up

As a 24/7 caregiver for Rosemary, the pace of my life is slower than most, helping me to appreciate all the little moments. Something happens when we slow down our lives a bit, the present becomes more clear and simple moments become more apparent.

For instance, yesterday I noticed something about our bike rides that I had never really pondered before.

Each time when I ask Rosemary if she would like a ride, she smiles and says “YES”.  She then goes to the bathroom, grabs her hat, sunglasses and stands at the laundry room door to the garage in her “ready” stance.  She carefully leaves her walker in the hallway all prepared for her return from the ride.

When Rosemary knows I am near, she reaches out for my arm and we gently maneuver from the laundry room to the garage and then carefully on to the blessing bike.

One thing ALWAYS happens next.

As soon as we get on the bike and into the driveway, ROSEMARY LOOKS UP.  Sometimes she comments on the weather or sun, sometimes there is just silence and a smile, but she ALWAYS looks up.

When I think about all that is going on in all of our lives, LOOKING UP might be just what we all need in our lives.  When we look up, we stretch our neck and open our airway for deep breaths which helps with our stress levels.  When we look up, we see the vastness of the world and all the beauty, up close and personal.  When we look up, we are that much closer to God.

Today, I started the same habit. When I went outside, I looked up. I paused, I took a deep breath and I stood in gratitude for all we have and the splendor of creation all around us.  I didn’t rush to experience the next moment and stayed looking up just a little bit longer.   

Rosemary and I have never talked about her habit of looking up.  We didn’t have to because some things can get diluted with words

Rosemary’s gift to me was slowing down and having experienced the last 3 years of watching these gentle moments.

Thank you, Mom, for the lesson.

I’m looking up.

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