“The Look”

Keep it Real Wednesday

August 11, 2021

The Look

In going through some old pictures this week, I found this snapshot from 1970.  Pictured is Rosemary and her Mom (Marie Sweeney O’Malley) in the parking lot of the church after attending Mass. This was WAY before everyone carried a camera and I am not sure why my Father even had a camera with him to take this picture.  Perhaps it was his new polaroid he was so very proud of.  

This random picture highlights a not so pleasant family trait which our family has affectionately called “The Look”.  

“The Look” is a body squared, pursed lips, furrowed brow, squinted eyes, nose up, shoulders back “I’ve come to pick a fight” LOOK.

It resembles a bit of Peaky Blinders Shelby family, a smoldering Irish fire within. 

Our family is said to be known for these looks.  My grandmother, my mother, all 3 of us siblings, my children, nieces, and nephews all carry “The Look” gene.  It is a look that would drop anyone to their knees in surrender.  Most of the time when people engage with one of us with “the look” there is a clear winner, except in this picture, where it was a master look matchup.  I believe my father actually had to declare the winner through a default separation of the two ladies in this picture.

Most of you see the kinder, gentler side of Rosemary.  However, when her feathers are ruffled, “the look” is not so easily suppressed.

Even at nearly 95, “the look” can make a grown man shiver.

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