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The Shamrock

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The Shamrock

Keep it Real Wednesday

July 14, 2021


In March 2020 just before the pandemic shutdown, I took Rosemary to her favorite little Irish Pub for lunch. Jaime, the owner of the pub, was decorating for St. Patrick’s Day and had ordered a dozen or so special little shamrock plants from Ireland. Jaime began chatting with Rosemary and learned of her Irish heritage and generously presented Rosemary one of her tiny little shamrock plants as a parting gift to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Rosemary took that wee plant home and placed it on the kitchen table.  Each morning Rosemary greeted the little shamrock with a joyous “Good Morning my little shamrock” as she would marvel at the growth and comment on how much she loved her little plant.

Soon the plant started blooming with beautiful white flowers.  Sprouts began arising from the soil and the plant was quickly out growing the little container.

I have never had much of a green thumb, but I decided to see if I could somehow divide the plant and transplant it to have 2 plants. I didn’t want to hurt it, so I was carefully digging around the roots when I found a bulb, which made the separation a lot easier. My first attempt was a success, so I kept dividing and I suspect we have had well over a dozen plants from that first little sprout.

Each little plant is special to Rosemary and she talks to them all.  Rosemary finds great joy in giving plants to friends, family and even a few people who have stopped by to pick up their blessing bike. There are currently 7 offspring on the windowsill that Rosemary talks to every morning until she finds their forever home.

This kind gesture from Jaime, this one little plant, has brought so much JOY to Rosemary because it has enabled her to give a little piece of her Irish heritage to others.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you, Jaime, for planting the seed.

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