It’s more than bikes..

Keep it Real Wednesday

July 7, 2021

It’s more than bikes…

Last week we delivered the remaining 2 bikes from our most recent shipment. 

Before we load each bike into the trailer, Rosemary always asks us where the bike is going and to tell her about the family or place getting the bike. If I have a picture, I will also share it with her.

Then, she prays. Right then and there. 

She closes her eyes and begins her silent prayer. Though we’ve never talked about it, I’ve imagined her prayer for each blessing bike family. 

I imagine she prays for joy, building new memories and revisiting old ones. I imagine she prays for the ripple effect of happiness the bike spreads to others. And I imagine she prays for laughter and living life in a way that just makes you smile. 

Each story, each family, each organization who receives a bike is special to us and in some way, you all have truly become part of Rosemary’s world.

Is the Blessing Bike just about bikes?  


It is about humans helping each other connect and to bring joy and new memory making into their lives.

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