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The Real Deal

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The Real Deal

Keep it Real Wednesday

June 9, 2021

The Real Deal

Every once in a while, in life we meet “real” people. You know, people who are authentic and just plain
good. The kind of people whose hearts embrace new friendships and cherish the old ones.

Linda and Eric Pitzer are those people to us, and the Blessing Bike. When we originally thought about
forming a nonprofit and explained the vision to Eric, he said “I’m in. How can I help?”. His area of
expertise is financial which is a HUGE help since I can’t balance a simple checkbook. Eric somehow
matches up all my pieces of paper and creates beautiful spreadsheets so we can be certain we are
managing our money well. The IRS prefers it that way (smile). He is also handy in the garage by Wade’s side
when the bikes come in.

Linda’s expertise is project and contract management. She is the “roll up her sleeves and get to work”
kind of person who anticipates needs and makes things happen. We can thank Linda for the new
blankets and Bluetooth speakers that will soon be added to each blessing bike among a host of other
things. Linda is one of the strongest and most genuine people I know.

On top of that, they are friends, and our relationship grows deeper and more meaningful with each
passing day.

An added bonus, Rosemary loves them both very much, and they love her.

A while back, Eric participated in a community choir and we brought Rosemary with us to attend his
event. He reserved a space in the front row for her and dedicated his solo, Bridge Over Troubled Water,
to her. It was a touching moment that meant so much to Rosemary. That is just the type of guy he is.
On another day, Wade and I were having a tough day (as we all do in life) and Linda and Eric picked up a
6 pack and said, “Let’s go throw axes. That will make you feel better”. They were right, it did. We didn’t
have to say a lot, just throwing axes made life a little easier that day.

We can’t control what comes at us in life sometimes, but we can control who journeys with us in life.

We often highlight our adventures on the bike with Rosemary and I, but our little nonprofit could not
function without people like Eric and Linda.

Linda and Eric are some of the unsung heroes of The Blessing Bike who dedicate their time, talents, and
hearts to help others experience the joy a blessing bike can bring. Here’s to Linda and Eric, Blessing Bike
board members, friends extraordinaire, and all-around good humans.

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