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Keep it Real Wednesday


May 12, 2021

Today’s message is most definitely a “Keep it Real” message.

To give you some background, Rosemary and I have logged over 2,000 miles on the blessing bike and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Previously to riding with Rosemary, I was a sporadic bike rider with an occasional commute to work and ride on the greenbelt with Wade for recreation.  Basically, my bike sat in the garage more than it saw pavement or dirt.

Then, the blessing bike evolved, and Rosemary and I have been on the blessing bike about 5 days a week, sometimes more.

So, when I began experiencing some “southern skin irritation”, I was a bit taken back and super embarrassed. I tried lots of remedies and with no relief. Finally, I put my ego aside and talked to Wade about it and he laughed and said, “You have saddle sores!” and he giggled a bit and said, “I have great stuff for that”.

That was the day I was introduced to Assos, a pure magic ointment made to protect even the most novice buns from butt rash.

I suspect there are lots of products that do the same thing, but I am positively telling you that ASSOS made me feel A LOT better in one day and it has become my new best friend.  I use it proactively now before I ride.

Plus, it has a cool name.

So, all of you blessing bike peddlers out there who might also have a sore bum every now and then, go get yourself some Assos.  It’s not only for advanced bicycle racers and riders, but it works for middle aged, out of shape larger than average buttocks like mine who just happen to ride a lot.

10/10, would recommend!

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