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In Memory of Angie

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In Memory of Angie

Keep it Real Wednesday

March 31, 2021

In Memory of Angie

About 18 months ago, the Blessing Bike was invited to participate in a community car show and provided a booth so people could see the bike in person. We had a fun day of giving rides and just connecting with people who wanted to learn more about The Blessing Bike.

After a full day of visiting with people, we were packing up the bike on the trailer and loading our totes into the car when we heard someone yelling from afar “Hey! Are you guys the Blessing Bike people?  We heard you were coming, and we wanted Mom to have a ride.  We are celebrating her 90th birthday!”  

Wade and I looked at each other with similar grins and without a single word, started unloading the bike. It was the best decision we made.  That day we met Angie and her daughter Jean.

Wade and I helped Angie on the bike, and I took her for a few rides around the block.  As we rode, we chatted about her life, and she proudly talked about being the queen of the senior prom at the Assisted Living Center where she lived.  Angie’s zest for life and outpouring of joy was contagious.  I just knew she and Rosemary needed to meet, especially after I learned she was from Ohio too.  What are the odds of that?

So, Jean and I started conspiring about how our mothers could meet. 

Since that time, Angie and Rosemary had a few outings, chaperoned by their daughters, Jean and I. The dates were full of laughter, stories, and joy. They even rode a blessing bike, side by side next to each other in the Christmas parade in downtown Boise in 2019. Their friendship and connection was something to watch.  Once COVID hit, they could no longer meet in person, but they enjoyed an occasional chat on the phone and sometimes Jean helped facilitate a facetime time call which was always full of giggles.

Angie and Rosemary shared so much of their lives in such a short time – their common history of growing up in Cleveland, being widows, both being cared for by their daughters and both with a huge zest for living, loving and finding joy in everyday living.

On Sunday evening March 28, 2021, Jean called to tell me that Angie had passed away peacefully just a few hours earlier that day. My heart ached for Jean and actually for all of us who knew Angie, a true bright light in this world.

When I told Rosemary she cried a bit, said a few prayers, and then said “You know, you don’t have to know someone very long to love them.  I loved her.  I am grateful for the short time we shared together.”

Rest in eternal peace Angie, you will be greatly missed. 

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