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Back to Basics

Sometimes we run across people who make an imprint in our lives we will likely never forget.  I was fortunate to have that experience in the last few weeks.

The man I met is certainly one of the kindest and most generous people I have met in a long time.  However, he didn’t see himself that way.  He described himself as “not a religious man” but “spiritual and believes that our purpose on earth is to help one another with the best of our abilities with whatever God-given resources and talents we have”.

He went on to say “moments like these with the Blessing Bike are a perfect moment when God, the universe or plastic dashboard Jesus, grants us all a big favor and allows us to do something for a fellow human being and fulfills our purpose here on earth”.

What he said touched me deeply but also troubled me because this man somehow felt that because he didn’t attend a particular church, he wasn’t religious.

I thought about what he said and attempted to research the definition of Religion. When I googled “definition of religion” the first item on Google was a Wikipedia page and read, “The definition of religion is controversial and complicated”.

Controversial and complicated? Why is that? Why does it have to be?

I am not writing to debate religion or practices, but I do know that the Bible talks about LOVE often. In fact, LOVE is referenced around 310 times.

This man referencing the plastic dashboard Jesus loves with all his being. He loves his community, his friends, the organizations he’s involved in and he allows room in his life to love new people and concepts like the blessing bike.

I believe LOVE needs to replace “controversial and complicated” in Wikipedia.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Just go out and love.

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