Keep it Real Wednesday

January 27, 2021


The absolutely best conversations with Rosemary happen on the Blessing Bike.  I am not sure what part of her brain is triggered by the fresh air, but memories start spilling as she smiles and waves to strangers on the road.

Today, our conversation when something like this.

“Jill, did you know I met Frank Sinatra when I was in high school?” 

Of course, I had heard this story dozens of times. I waited for her to tell the familiar story about her friends waiting in line at the Palace in downtown Cleveland just to see Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra. After the show, she stood in line to shake his hand and meet him. Rosemary even got his autograph which read:

“To: Rosemary, Sincerely Frank Sinatra”.

But that’s not the story I heard this time.  Today’s story went a little different.

Rosemary said, “Y’know Jill, Frank Sinatra was a skinny thing, his suit was too big, and he was really not that good looking with pimples all over his face”. But he could sing, and he had “it”.  You know that “it”.

She then glanced at the scenery going by and finished our ride by belting out “Fly me to the moon”. 

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