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Keep it real Wednesday

November 4, 2020


On Halloween our neighbors gathered for a socially distant fun afternoon to help make Halloween a positive lasting memory for the children.  People wore costumes, played games and even launched a pumpkin catapult which Wade built in our garage.   It was a beautiful afternoon.

Although Rosemary was still not feeling up to par, she wanted to join the fun so we put a mask on her and placed her in a chair in the driveway.   She loved watching all the festivities.

At one point we heard the distinct sound of a low flying helicopter overhead and carrying a banner behind it.  As it got closer, I was able to clearly see the banner which read “TOGETHER”. 

The neighbors all looked up in unison and read the words.  Several of us smiled a gentle smile and several of us got goosebumps as we wiped a tear from our cheeks.

Rosemary could not read the banner and asked me what it said.  I repeated the word “TOGETHER” in a tear-filled crackly voice.

Rosemary then said, “TOGETHER is exactly what we need right now”.

 She then went on to say, “Together we are strong, together we have defeated all enemies, foreign and domestic, together we have found cures or eradicated diseases such as polio, small pox and many more.  Together we overcame a great depression and many natural disasters”.  And in her own Rosemary no nonsense way she ended with “Enough of all this fighting between us, this is not who we are.”

As we all wake up this morning to whatever news is on the television regarding the election, try to remember that we need to find a way to stay TOGETHER.

What is the definition of together?   It is united, unified, in harmony, in connection or union, whole, coherent and harmonious.  Together is not divisive.  It is not tied to one political party or another.

We are a beautiful nation.  Together we can overcome anything.   Stay strong. 

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3 years ago

Such timely wisdom from two remarkable ladies. Thank you for reminding us what is important.

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