Gratitude Fatigue

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October 28, 2020

Gratitude Fatigue?

Hello everyone,

Rosemary was under the weather over the weekend and we thought it would be prudent to get a COVID test at the local Urgent care COVID testing site.

Thankfully Rosemary was negative for Covid-19.

She does, however, have pneumonia which is not a walk in the park at 94 ½, and is resting at home.

Each person who interacted with Rosemary during her COVID urgent care experience was kind, compassionate, professional and loving – true professionals.  All of them. 

But, were the patients they were triaging as kind to them?  Unfortunately, not from what I witnessed.

I know we are all getting weary with the virus, election and division in our county but we simply cannot get complacent with our gratitude for those who care for others such as our heroic healthcare workers who have not had a break since March 2020.

Some have called what we are seeing and feeling as “Pandemic fatigue”, which I can appreciate. Afterall, we have been living with this virus and the ripple effect for nearly 8 months.  

However, we cannot get fatigued with our gratitude, humanity and kindness to each other.  

Let’s strive to remain grateful to our front-line healthcare workers.

Rosemary and I will be back on the bike when she feels better.

Take care of each other everyone. Remain kind, loving and grateful.

Rosemary and Jill

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