It’s More

Keep it Real Wednesday

September 16, 2020

It’s more

This past weekend, Wade and I delivered a bike to a family who wanted it for their 92-year-old father.

As we loaded the bike on the trailer for delivery, Rosemary grabbed my arm and asked me to sit down and tell her all about the family.  I shared what I knew as she smiled and a tear formed in her eye.

She then said, “This is so beautiful, it is the gift that keeps on giving”.

I asked her what she meant and she said the bike we made for her in 2018 out of love for her 92nd birthday has evolved to help so many others.  One idea, one spark of love, and the ripple continues to grow

Just in case you think this is about bikes, it’s not.

It’s more.

This is about people, about connections, about love.

Before we deliver each bike, Rosemary asks “What number bike is this?”  “Tell me about the people getting the bike” and “Will you show me pictures when you get it”?

When someone receives their bike and I create a post to say “Welcome to the Blessing Bike Family”, I mean it.

Rosemary keeps every one of you in her prayers.

(pictured:  Rosemary reflecting on each bike and family.  These pictures mean so much)

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