Words to Live by

Keep it Real Wednesday

September 9, 2020

Words to Live By

My daughter called a few days ago from St. Louis to talk to her Grandma Rosemary and just catch up.  I tried to give them both privacy on the phone so I stayed out of the room for the most part and would wander in and out in case Rosemary needed me or had trouble hearing.

I heard a ton of giggling and “remember when” and witnessed lots of Rosemary’s sentimental smiles.

But what touched me the most was something I heard that I immediately had to write down on a post it notes and put on the refrigerator.

As they were hanging up the phone, Rosemary said…

“Be good at work”

“Be good at life”

“Be good at love”

If you ask me, that’s a pretty comprehensive list of things to live by.

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