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Message from Shelby

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Message from Shelby

Keep it Real Wednesday

Message from Shelby

August 26, 2020

Happy Wednesday! This is Shelby writing to you today hoping to encourage you by sharing a few things I have learned from my Grandma.

I have never had to wonder where my sassy Irish genes came from because if you know Grandma Rosie, you know she is full Irish. Just by talking with her you know she is one proud Irish lady. She is funny, honest and always cuts straight to the point. She isn’t afraid to tell you what she’s thinking or her opinion on a matter. That’s just who she is, and I love her for it.

Back in December my fiancé Andrew and I took a trip up to Boise to visit. I knew how important it was for Grandma and Andrew to meet. At the time Andrew and I were only dating but we knew we were the one for each other and I wanted Grandma to meet the man I wanted to marry. We spent the weekend riding the blessing bike, feeding ducks, taking naps and soaking up every second together. We even pulled out old Newspapers from World War II, The Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, Presidential Elections and listened to stories of her life. She’s lived through a lot in her 94 years and has plenty of stories and life lessons to share.

On our last night we were all hanging out in the kitchen, Andrew was thanking Grandma for a fun weekend and that he loved meeting her when Grandma snapped back at him and said “Just get down on one knee right here and ask Shelby to marry you already!” Everyone paused and laughed and Andrew, red in the face, told her it would be coming, and she would be the first to know.

But that’s the thing about Grandma. She doesn’t hold back often, and she certainly doesn’t beat around the bush about anything. She’s a sweet and stubborn little lady and she is loved by many because of the impact she leaves on others.

She will continue to leave an impact on me. She is a simple lady who loves the simple things but loves people honestly and fiercely. No matter what is happening in the world (and she’s seen a lot) she lives her life by loving others well, by making those around her feel important. I think we can all learn to do the same. When we don’t recognize the world around us and all that is happening, that doesn’t mean we should stop recognizing the people around us. They need us to love honestly and fiercely. Love and time are precious gifts and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my Grandma it’s that all of us have an endless supply of both, it’s just up to us how we want to spend them.

Thank you for following the Blessing Bike and for loving my Grandma. Have a blessed Wednesday! Give your people your time and your love, don’t beat around the bush, be honest and be kind!

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