Rose are red….

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Rose are red….

Keep it Real Wednesday

Roses are red….

July 29, 2020

Wade and I were crawling around in our attic in search of some old documents when I came across a box of yearbooks and trinkets from junior high and high school.

In the middle of this hot summer day, sitting in the attic above the garage with sweat pouring down my face, I decided to cease the moment and take my own walk down memory lane.

So many memories and experiences in that old cardboard box!

I want to share one thing today that made me grin as a testament of Mother Love.

I was reading comments in my middle school yearbook from Parsippany New Jersey and found an entry that read “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I’m glad Nancy is not a slut like you”.  It was written by a friend with a “just kidding” next to it but apparently my mother didn’t think that was good enough.

At some point without me knowing (or being aware of), my mother had carefully crossed out “slut” and written “Snot”. 

Was I a “slut” at age 14 in Junior high school”?  I hardly think so. My prowess was restricted to a kiss at the drive-in while The Exorcist was playing, and maybe some spin the bottle activities.

It was just a silly comment, a junior high meaningless yearbook stunt…. nothing more.

But to my mother, it apparently meant more but we never talked about it.  She just handled it in her own way.

I snickered as I thought about my mother carefully snooping through my yearbook, never saying a word and making one simple edit, somehow thinking that one word would protect me from any feelings I would have associated with the world “slut” instead of “snot” in the many years to come.

I must admit, her comments did elicit some emotions but likely not in the way it was intended.  Finding the edit that was made 46 years ago said volumes beyond those 4 little letters.

A few carefully crafted swipes of a bic pen reflected my mother’s love back 1974.

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